Sunday, March 23, 2014

[missing you]

Hey, sweet boy.

I sure am missing you.  So very much.  McKayslin and Daddy are too.  It's strange to think that just two years ago life was normal.  We were all together here at home.  And one year ago, you'd been gone for two months.  And three of us were left here trying to figure out how to go on without you.  And now, here we are, still trying to figure that out.

You made us promise to keep doing fun things as a family.  To take care of McKayslin.  To do our family traditions.  We have changed a few things.  But mostly, we're doing what you asked.  

It's hard.  It's not the same.  I often wonder if you look down from Heaven and miss us as much as we miss you.  If you're sad that you're not here doing things with us.  If you're proud of us.  

Love you, my boy.

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