Monday, March 24, 2014


I've had some sort of weird stomach bug (thanks Katy and Madi!  ;) ) since Saturday evening.  I've whined a lot.  A LOT!  A whole lot of whining about a silly little stomach ache.  A whole lot more whining about how hungry I have been.  Apparently (this is not new information) I'm a big crybaby.

As I sat here today, drinking coke and watching Criminal Minds, mentally whining yet again, I received a gentle reminder to just stop.

It's a stomach bug.  A stomach ache.  And I'm on the mend.

A reminder to be grateful.  Grateful for the many, many things that I take for granted.

To remember.  Remember with fondness the good times, the laughter, the memories.

To cherish.  Cherish my forever family, my knowledge of the gospel, and my testimony of The Atonement and love of our Heavenly Father.

And to fight.  To fight for the kids who live daily, minute by minute, with a stomach ache from chemo.  To fight for the kids who lose their hair, their childhood, their freedom as they fight to be healed.  To fight for the kids who won their battle on a much higher playing field and were called home.

This afternoon, each time I've been tempted to whine (again!), I've instead turned to a prayer of gratitude, a prayer for strength, a prayer for peace.

And I'm reminded how blessed I am to be Kenton's mom, McKayslin's mom.  They're pretty great kids.  And because of them, I learn a little more every single day.


Jalane said...

Love this post-THANKYOU! I hope you feel better soon :)

Venessa Pixton said...

Deb please write a book..I know I've brought this up before, even if it is all of your touching memoirs compiled. The world could so benefit from your faith, your amazing and adorable family but especially from Kenton's incredible, endearing legacy of example. It could be a tissue box book...or at least include them with each purchase. Love you tons