Wednesday, July 30, 2014

[not quite a sunday]

I have such big plans.  Such big ideas.  Such high hopes.  
I sometimes forget that I don't always get my own way.

Yesterday was an okay day.

It wasn't a Sunday.
• No baseball. Too much rain.
• Still 1 assignment short of assignments that were due on the 28th.
• The bathroom desperately needed cleaning.
• With all of the Kenton's Cup merchandise arriving, and the onslaught of school supplies that have appeared in my home, our living room looks like an episode of Hoarders.  Minus the bugs.  And the rotten food.  And the rats.  And the feces.  (So maybe it's not as bad as I think!).
Cried SOBBED through the song He's My Son (Mark Shulz) when it came on Pandora.
• It was Kenton day.  Tuesdays are always just a little sadder.

But it also wasn't a Friday.
• It was a rainy day.  I love rainy days.  I should have jumped in some puddles.  Or gone for a bike ride up to McDonald's to get a chocolate shake like Kenton and I did that one day in the spring of 2012.
• McKayslin got to go play with her sister, Paige.
• I made bread. Wheat bread. From scratch including grinding the wheat.  And it was good.
• I cleaned the bathroom (mostly because Josh was coming to recaulk the backsplash, but whatever - it's clean).
• I finished 3 out of 4 assignments that were actually due on the 28th.  
• Had a fun little visit with my sister, Cia.
• Luke did all the dishes.  And vacuumed the living room, family room, the hall, AND the stairs.  AND he straightened the piles of stuff in the living room so it doesn't look quite so "hoarderish."
• We stopped to see our Kenton.
• Dinner was a success.  Buttermilk wheat blueberry pancakes from scratch, buttermilk syrup (Kenton syrup as Luke calls it), and bacon.  And fried red potatoes.
• McKayslin said family prayer... "and please bless our angel families to feel the peace of The Plan of Salvation" right after she asked Heavenly Father to please give Kenton the biggest tightest squish He could from us and tell him that we love and miss him so much and thanks for being the best big brother ever.

And we slept well again last night.

So perhaps yesterday wasn't a Sunday.  
But it wasn't a Friday.
Maybe instead it was something along the lines of a Tuesday.
Because it really was an okay day.

And some days are like that.

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