Thursday, July 31, 2014

[lost in the lights]

Center field.  Night game.  Playing under the lights.  Strong wind.

A high fly ball is on a perfect trajectory to be caught.  But the wind shifts.  And the ball gets momentarily lost in the lights.  What could have been an easy play is suddenly not.  As the ball drops just out of the line of lights, it falls past the outstretched glove.  The runner advances.

The team pulls together.  Rallies.  And solidly ends the inning leaving the runner on base.

Isn't that how life is?  

It's so rare that we have perfect weather.  No wind.  And a clear line of vision.

Sometimes, we're on the trajectory of a really good play.  A really good day.

But the wind shifts.
Our focus gets momentarily lost in the lights.

And what could have been a really good day, isn't.

Our team pulls together.
Ends the inning.

And we're okay again.

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Marcia Acevedo said...

Wow! You just amaze me! Thank you for this! I wish I could put words and thoughts together like you do! Thank you for teaching me in many ways! I love ya!