Saturday, January 3, 2015

[tick, tock, tick, tock...]

...that's the sound in my head.  Tick.Tock.Tick.Tock.

Counting down the minutes until we go back to reality again.  
School. Work. Piano. Violin. Alarms. Homework. Schedules.

I've so enjoyed being home. 
Cooking. Cleaning. Crafting. Resting. Reading. Baking. Playing.

We really haven't done anything the whole break.
And it's been so nice.

Today we went to the grocery store.
Yay, us.  ;)

On a side note, other than 1 lunch from McD's for Grammy, Goose, and I, and 1 lunch from McD's for Grammy and Goose while Luke and I had El Toro, we have eaten at home every single meal.  That has to be a new record.  
It's been so nice.
Today we did buy fried chicken for Grammy and Goose.  Luke and I had a sandwich at home while putting away the groceries.
I've done another 3 in 30 - working in the craft room today.

My desk is actually almost functional.
My newest stamps are waiting in a basket to be used.
I should do that tonight.

I'm going to go shape the bread for dinner.
And maybe craft.

Grammy and Goose have made about a hundred twenty one little perler bead projects this week.  They're having lots of fun.

Something about going back to a schedule pulls at me.
Equal  parts relief and anxiety.

Today has been hard.
2 years ago today, Kenton came home.  HOME.

2 days later he was headed back to PCMC.
19 days later, he was gone.

The month of January is bleak.

We'll survive.

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