Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{March 20, 2013}

March 20, 2013

Dear Kenton,

It's raining this morning.  When I took Sparky out to go potty this morning, the rain had just started and the air was filled with that fresh clean rain smell.  I smiled as the smell triggered a memory for me - the trip we took for your 3rd birthday.

Do you remember that?  We went to Bear World on our way to West Yellowstone.  Then we stayed at that dumpy little hotel made of all cabins there in West?  We loved it though.  We spent each day doing something fun - Grizzly Discovery Center, Yellowstone National Park, The Playmill.  And every afternoon, true to form for West Yellowstone, a huge thunderstorm rolled in.  The first afternoon we had just checked into our little cabin and sat on the porch watching the rain roll in.  As the storm started to let up, the parking lot was filled with HUGE puddles.  It was a really warm day.  You took my hand and started for the parking lot.  We spent a good hour splashing in puddles.  Your giggle made Daddy and I laugh.  You LOVED being able to run and jump in all that water.  We had a great time. 

On the way to school this morning McKayslin and I listened to the song "For Good" from Wicked (remember how we listened to that about 121 times the summer of 2010?!).  The beginning line of the song, "I've heard it said...that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn..."

I've been thinking about all of the things you tried to teach us in your short 12 1/2 years.  Today I think the lesson you were trying to get me to remember with the rain trigger memory is to enjoy the little things - puddles, rainbows, giggles, the first snow...
We're doing our best to keep our promise to you that we'll still do fun things as a family - that our family traditions won't go away.  It's different without you.  Daddy and I aren't nearly as fun as you.  ;)  We're trying.  I promise.

When we read scriptures tonight, we read in Enos vs. 27: And I soon go to the place of my rest, which is with my Redeemer; for I know that in him I shall rest.  And I rejoice in the day when my mortal shall put on immortality, and shall stand before him; then shall I see his face with pleasure, and he will say unto me: Come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my Father.

Daddy and I were talking after McKayslin went to bed.  You knew it was time for you to go home.  And everyone that was priveledged to know you, to love you, knows that you were greeted home just as Enos was.  Thanks for sharing 12 1/2 years with us.  You're such an incredible kid.

"It well may be,
that we will never meet again in this lifetime,
so let me say before we part,
So much of me is made from what I learned from you...
You'll be with me,
Like a handprint on my heart."

We miss you, son.  So very much.
Thanks for sending us sunshine smiles and memory triggers. :)

"Because I knew you...I have been changed FOR GOOD!"

Love you much, handsome!


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The White Silk Purse (Dana) said...

I'm glad you're writing. I'm sorry your heart hurts, but I'm glad you see the end from the beginning. Much love to you.