Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{March 26, 2013}

March 26, 2013

Good morning, handsome!

I trust you're busy as ever there in the spirit world.  

Cousin Amie shared an image she carries of you as a greeter at the gates...kind of like a Wal-Mart greeter, only infinitely cooler.  ;)  She said she sees you welcoming each new spirit that arrives by saying, "It's okay, don't be scared, you can sit by me!"  I love that image of you!!  

Do you remember us talking about Brielle?  Not cousin Brielle.  Brielle that also had cancer.  She relapsed again - this is her third time - she has had 2 bone marrow transplants in the past 2 years.  Her body isn't strong enough for another transplant and her cancer is aggressive.  Sound familiar?  I was talking to her mom the other day, and told her that I know when Brielle returns to Heavenly Father, you'll be there to greet her and show her around.  Be watching for her, okay?  I hope it's a good long time before you meet her, but when she gets there, you'll know what to do.

I've never met a kid that has so many friends as you - little friends, big friends, and every size of friend in between.  That's just one of the many things you are so good at - loving people and serving them in the way that they understood.

Sunday during the Sacrament, McKayslin was reading in the March Children's Friend.  She read the story Ric's New Book (the link will take you there if you want to read it for yourself - it's a great little story!).  She read it, leaned over and handed it to me, and said, "Read this!  This is sooooo Kenton!"  Then she did the same to Dad.  It's true.  That story is sooooo you!  

Last Saturday, McKayslin went to play with CK.  She came home and told us that when they were outside (it was a bit of a cloudy day), every once in a while, the sunshine would shine right down on them.  She said it made them smile!  McKayslin said, "I'd say, 'Aw, thanks, Bubs!' and CK would say, 'Thanks, Big Bro!' and then we'd try not to cry."  I love that you're still watching out for her and letting her know how much you love her!

Speaking of love, Project Elder Reynolds is nearly ready to be delivered.  A few friends have already been given their kits.  We just need to get organized and get the rest delivered.  Such an awesome project.  So excited!!  You have such a strong testimony and so much faith.  

Sitting here typing this, with tears running down my cheeks, I wonder why I bother with make-up on Tuesdays.  ;)  So many people have told us, "Just remember, each Tuesday puts you one week closer to seeing Kenton again!"  I know they mean well.  And they're right.  It doesn't make having you gone any easier.  Plus, I know that if we were just existing from Tuesday to Tuesday, counting off another 7 days closer, you'd be mad!

Pretty sure you've noticed the changes in our home.  Many of them started when you were diagnosed, and a few started when the leukemia returned in January.  We know you're pleased with the changes.  Daddy's learning to be more spontaneous (shocker, right?! LOL), I'm learning to plan things out better (sigh).  McKayslin, well, she was pretty awesome before, so she's just continuing being awesome.  :)  We're all a little more patient with each other.  

We read scriptures every night before bed.  It's the best part of our day.  We snuggle up there in the big bed and read (right now we're in Mosiah - looking forward to chapter 3 tonight and really excited for chapter 4 tomorrow night - that's the chapter I read in the waiting room one evening when Dad and I went to the temple...it carries such a sweet testimony of eternal life!!).  Then we say prayers, send you hugs and kisses, and it's bedtime.

"Your" bus just drove by.  6:41 am.  I try not to think of all the great things you'll miss out on here.  Sometimes I start to think that way, and then I remind myself of all the not so great things you'll miss out on here.  I miss you every day.  How grateful I am to know that you are okay, busily doing missionary work.  Families are FOREVER!  You're stuck with us, little buddy!!  :)

Guess I'd better go.  

Looking forward to some sunshine smiles during recess duty today...have a great week!  Keep working hard and being amazing!!

And just because I simply adore this photo of you, I'm going to share it with the world (or the 5 people that actually read this blog, whatevs, right?!).

Love you, handsome!

Love Forever,


Lisa Hall said...

I love how you write to him like he's away on a mission. <3 much love to you!

Marilyn Rockwell said...

Such a beautiful letter to a beautiful young man.

Jalane said...

I've been loving reading your messages to him. Makes me want to be a better person each time I do. Love you guys!!!!

Lyndi Benson said...

Oh. my gosh. you are so cute. I'm in LOVE with your posts, you are so inspirational! I;m sure he's super proud of his super tough mom. :)

Madison Jayne said...

I needed to hear your sweet words today. Thanks Mama. You always put things into perspective.

Marti Dana said...

Your kidding yourself when you say the 5 people that read this...right? Thanks for sharing these sweet letters to Kenton with all of us. Love you

Marti Dana said...

Your kidding yourself when you say the 5 people that read this...right? Thanks for sharing these sweet letters to Kenton with all of us. Love you

Mandi Green said...

What a superb mother you are! Love you so much for all your goodness! ♥

Mandi Green said...

What a superb mother you are! Love you so much for all your goodness! ♥

Utah Mommy said...

I love your letters to Kenton. They inspire me as a Mom - to try a little harder. Do a little more. <3

Lissy Morales said...

I miss you KENTON ♥ :'{