Sunday, July 28, 2013

[cleaning the fridge]

I'm sure the last time the fridge was cleaned out completely was...well, to be honest, I'm not exactly sure when that was.  

It's one of those tasks that gets consistently moved to the bottom of the to do list.  Because it really doesn't seem all that important.

Yet, truthfully, it's one of those things that takes a whole lot less time than we think, and is possibly a lot more important than we realize.

Upon cleaning our fridge, I found various plastic containers of leftovers.  Some recognizable, barely past the point of being edible.  Others so far beyond that the container was tossed along with the contents.  I didn't go so far as to remove everything and scrub the shelves, nor did I go through the mish mash of bottles, jars, and packages in the door, but I did clear the fridge of anything that could have passed for a science experiment.  Our fridge is (mostly) clean, and I know what's in there.  

This morning, my brain is a rumbling demolition derby of thoughts, tasks on my to do list, worries, and memories.  As I look forward to attending Sacrament Meeting today, it's almost as if the demolition derby was called to a stop because of a fire in a car.  In my mind's eye, I watch with interest as the worries, the hurt, the anger, the unnecessary tasks, go up in flames and I am safely removed to the sidelines, a comforting arm around my shoulders, and peace in my heart with silence surrounding me and strength to continue to accept the challenges I'm facing.

And I realize that life is an awful lot like cleaning the fridge.  
I pack around so much extra stuff.  
Worry.  Anger.  Hurt.  Busyness.  

Yet, today is a new day.  
An opportunity to clean my personal fridge of the stuff that needs to go.  
Just like every day.

Except today is just a little bit more.  Because it's Sunday.

On Sundays I prepare myself to partake of the sacrament, to cleanse my heart of that stuff that's been festering there too long, to seek and receive forgiveness, and to covenant again to be an example of our Savior.  My heart heals just a little bit more.  I feel a little bit stronger. 

This is my prayer today...

Lead me into life eternal
By the gospel's holy call.
Let thy promise rest upon me

Father, all my heart I give thee;
All my service shall be thine.
Guide me as I search in weakness;
Let thy loving light be mine.

Hear me as I pray in meekness;
Let my strength be as thy day.
Give me faith, the greater knowledge;
Father, bless me as I pray.
            - Text: John A. Widtsoe
            - Music: Alexander Schreiner

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