Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[July 30, 2013]

July 30, 2013
27 weeks

Dear Kenton,

Hey, handsome!  Love you!  Miss you!

Today is an interesting day.  It's quite warm outside, but cloudy, and the wind is blowing.  Strange weather.  Sometimes I wonder what it's like for you weather wise.  Do you get to watch the weather?  Do you get to paint the sky?  Do you get to make the clouds into pictures?  Every once in a while we see a cloud that looks like something you would make as a little "I'm okay" for McKayslin.  One afternoon we saw a cloud that looked exactly like a boy with a cowboy hat.  And then later that evening, we saw a cloud that was shaped as a heart.  The heart cloud was the only cloud in the sky.

Those make us smile.  And miss you.

McKayslin is participating in a week long art camp this week.  She is having so much fun!  She loves to draw just like you.  She's working really hard on her horse drawings.  It's pretty cool watching her develop that talent.

What else is going on around here?  Not a whole lot.  We seem to have hit that summer slump.  You know - the one where we don't want to do anything.  Doesn't help that I've been sick and Grammy just had surgery.  Dad is the only one with any motivation, and he's stayed busy working in the yard and working on the firepit.

This morning I went out to pick raspberries.  Again.  

I noticed something interesting.  
There are always more berries on the east side of the bushes than on the west.  
And the best berries are the ones that are tucked safely away behind branches.  

That started me thinking - when we're in direct sun - life is just cruising along with no bumps, we don't grow very well.  

When we're in complete shade - not doing the things we're supposed to be doing, we don't grow very well.  

We need both sunshine and shade to grow.  We need trials.  We need challenges.  We need a test of our faith every now and then.  Yet we need to always be facing the morning sun.  We need to read our scriptures, and say our prayers, and pay our tithing, and serve others, and just do what we're told (hmmm...that seems to be a theme with me this week!).  When we are doing those things, facing the sun, yet encounter the branches and thistles and shade, we become stronger.  

I need to quit picking raspberries.  
These deep raspberry picking thoughts hurt my brain.  ;)

Recently I've reconnected with several of your nurses from PCMC on Facebook.  

Each of them have sent me a private message, independent of the others, that say the same thing.  They all talk about what a brave, happy, strong, courageous, friendly boy you are.  How you make those you are with feel like they are the most important person in the world when they're with you.  You've always been that way.  I love that about you.  Well, that and about a million and a half other things.  I haven't met anyone yet that can say your name without a smile.  You brought smiles and love to everyone you came in contact with.  

You taught us much.  
You showed us how to face our challenges with a smile. 

How to grow through those challenges without losing sight of our faith.

You taught us how to love.
How to value those around us.
How to serve.
How to be strong.

Love you, my boy!  

Thanks for being YOU!

Love you, LOVE YOU!



Dana White said...

I am so glad that you write and share. I learn something from your letters each week. As hard as I'm sure it must be, your sharing is enriching the lives of others. What a lovely way to honor Kenton. Thank you.

Marti Dana said...

Thanks Deb, for sharing your thoughts. Each week I read these post and reflect on my week. Always try to findc ways to serve. Love you much♡

Marti Dana said...

Thanks Deb, for sharing your thoughts. Each week I read these post and reflect on my week. Always try to findc ways to serve. Love you much♡