Sunday, August 19, 2012

[Sunday, August 19, 2012] day 66

Today was a very good day.

Kenton had a pretty good night's sleep.
Betsy was his super quiet nurse last night!
He only woke up a couple of times needing help getting to the bathroom and once because his belly hurt (we're still thinking it's just built up gas. . .please pray that really is what it is and it clears up SOON!).

He had me order him a big pancake from the cafeteria along with a couple of fried eggs and some bacon for breakfast.
The eggs and pancake he LOVED.
The bacon?  Not so much today.

Kenton had just finished eating when Luke and McKayslin showed up at the hospital.
After we'd all eaten, we played some Yahtzee (Luke totally kicked our trash!).
Kenton had another dose of Benedryl before his dose of Vancomycin (?!) and was feeling really sleepy.

He and McKayslin snuggled in and watched The Lorax while Luke and I went over bills and living expenses, trying to figure out the next 6 months or so.

Um, yeah, that's just a barrel of fun.  Oh well.  Had to be done.  We are so grateful for the assistance we've received and the offers for assistance that continue to come our way.  

Our biggest concern right now is living arrangements for the boys when Kenton is discharged after his bone marrow transplant (not sure WHEN the transplant will happen yet, so that adds a certain level of stress).  Our friends have offered their camp trailer, but if the discharge doesn't happen until October/November/December, living in a camp trailer is a little less than ideal. 100 days of being NO MORE than one hour away from the hospital. . .

I know that's a ways down the road, but it's certainly a concern that's weighing heavily on our minds and hearts.

Okay, that was a weird tangent. . .anyway. . .

After the movie, Luke and McKayslin went over to the U cafeteria to get some lunch while Kenton's lunch was being prepared (grilled chicken alfredo).  Kenton and I snuggled in to read a couple more chapters in The Ranger's Apprentice.  I'm really LOVING reading to my kids.  Wish I wouldn't have stopped when they learned to read.  It's such a fun time - reading, talking about the book, making predictions, learning new words.  And because I'm reading different books to the kids and only a bedtimes, I get individual time with each of them.  Seriously why did I ever stop doing that?!

Wow. . .another tangent, lol.  I should probably just go to bed.

Anyway. . .
Annie and Joe came to visit (because I brought cookies).

They left and we just kind of hung out for a while.

McKayslin and I left for a bit to assemble a first day of school kit for Kenton.  Because he can't go to school, we wanted him to have something fun to do on that "first day" when we knew he'd be so sad.

We had found activities for each "class period" and put them into gift bags, put all of the gift bags into his backpack, filled up his lunchbox with his favorite lunch treats, and gave it to him.  He can either open one bag each day or save them all for the "first day" and open one when each class would be starting.  He was pretty excited.  :)

While we were gone, Kenton had a good nap, and woke up with a fever. Not sure it really was a fever because he was snuggled deep in his blanket and pillows with a heat pack for his tummy that was hurting again.  But, whatever.  The thermometer read 38.2 (100.8).  He was given Tylenol and was being monitored closely again.

Luke and I took the stuff that needed to come home to the car while the kids worked on magic tricks (I have pics on my phone - I'll add them later).

Then it was time for us girls to head for home.  :(
For some reason, today it was really REALLY hard to leave.
All four of us just cried.  And hugged.  And cried.
Luke gave McKayslin a Father's Blessing before we left to help her be ready for the new school year.

We hugged and cried some more and then McKayslin and I headed out.
Lots of blown kisses to the boys as they waved from the window.
It was not fun.
At all.

We were at the stoplight when Luke sent a text that said simply, "37.5."
Yay!  Less than 30 minutes and the fever was coming down quickly!

McKayslin and I had an uneventful drive home.
All is well here.
We unloaded the car, got the mail, played with Sparky, and Skyped the boys.

Everyone was smiling again and the kids were being silly.
That made it so much easier to say goodnight!

We told the boys goodnight, signed off Skype, and McKayslin got ready for bed.
We read a chapter from Alice in Wonderland, said prayers, and McKayslin went to sleep.
I'm heading there now.
Tomorrow is my first contract day at school.

Summer is over.
It's been kind of a really crappy summer.

So grateful for the prayers and love sent our way daily.
It would have been a SUPER crappy summer without them!

Thank you for being there with us through every up and down - for celebrating with us, crying with us, and sacrificing for us.

Today was a great day.
And a super hard day all wrapped up into one.

That, my friends, is day 66.

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