Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Wednesday, August 22, 2012] Day 69

WBC:    1.4     yesterday 1.3
RBC:     3.93   yesterday 4.28
HCT:     30.8    yesterday 33.7
platelets:   23    yesterday 22
ANC: 100

Slight fever last night.
Gone this morning.
Stopped Vanco.
Said Kenton could go for walks as long as he had his mask on.
Hoping to get his belly feeling better.

I was at school.  My phone beeped indicating a text.  The text said, "Check your e-mail.  It will make you smile."

I opened my e-mail to this e-mail from Luke:
This morning Kenton he told me that Cream Soda sounds good,I asked the nurses where I could get some. Tracy his nurse said I have a few minutes I will power walk over to the "U" and check, a little while later she came back and said she could not find any anywhere, went on with the day.   The Nurses were talking about it after I left and one of the other patients mom over heard the nurses talking about it and told them to check at the "U" and the nurse said they have and the patients mom said her dad was on the way up she will just have him bring it up. Tracy the nurse was the delivery person.   He would like you to please put it on his Team Kenton page and on his blog.   It totally made his day!   
Kenton later had a "shot party" with nurse Tracy, nurse "Boston" and housekeeper Sharon.  Have I mentioned lately how much we adore the staff at PCMC?!
If you'll notice, it was not just ONE cream soda, it was a 6 pack of various cream soda type drinks (2 each of vanilla, orange, and black cherry) and a single Jones Cream Soda.

Thanks, Cream Soda Fairy (and your dad!!).
Your kindness and sweet service gave my boy this smile today!
He hopes that the picture he drew for you brings you a smile as well.
Thank you for being amazing and so giving even in the midst of your own personal trial.

Kenton walked a few laps around ICS.
Still no fever.
Belly feeling LOTS better.

When we girls Skyped with the boys, we all 4 looked like we needed a good long nap.
August is TOUGH in our family (the life of a teacher, lol).
Add to that all the craziness of the summer and the strange stuff happening in Round 2 Recount Recovery, and you get one very tired family.

So glad Kenton is starting to feel better.
Prayers that he continues to have good counts, no fevers, and belly aches that disappear.

So grateful for the kindnesses shown to our entire family today.
(Kenton's Cream Soda Fairy)
(McKayslin's Green Family Adventures)
(Keep the Change comments from people purchasing Team Kenton gear)
(Parents that came to Open House that were super kind and encouraging and supportive)

We're very blessed.

And that, my friends, is day 69.

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