Sunday, August 26, 2012

[Sunday, August 26, 2012] Day 73

Today was a pretty good day.

We all slept incredibly well last night.
LOVE having everyone home together!

We had blueberry pancakes and buttermilk syrup for breakfast.
Well, 3 of us did.  
McKayslin had plain pancakes.  
She doesn't much like blueberry pancakes.

We played the Left Right Center Multiplication Game.
AWESOME practice and the kids LOVED it!
(If you'd like your own copy, click on the image and you'll be whisked away to the Latter-Day Crafters blog where you'll find the download).
Kenton has it packed with his hospital stuff so he and Luke can play and work on their multiplication fact fluency.
LOL.  I've brainwashed my children into thinking that math games are fun!
I pretty much rock that way.  ;)

We played a game of Farkle.
Who in the crap came up with that name?!
I clearly have the mind of a 12 year old boy, because every time I say Farkle I crack up.

As per Kenton's request, we had Cilantro Lime Chicken with mashed potatoes for lunch.
Well, 3 of us did.
McKayslin had chips and cheese.
She doesn't much like chicken.
Poor kid.
I should really cook something she likes!!

We didn't get to go to church.
Once again we were so grateful for Mitch and CJ taking time to come and bring the sacrament to us.

Bates came and brought the quilt that Charity made for Kenton.
It's amazing!
I need to get some pictures taken.
She is so incredibly talented and so giving to make a quilt for each of my kiddos that perfectly fit their personalities!

We played more, watched movies, ate chips and fresh salsa (using our very own tomatoes from our garden!!!), caramel popcorn, and fresh homemade bread.

Margaret came with her kiddos.
Sweet Addi brought McKayslin some clothes for her Build-A-Bear animals.
Ashton and Kenton played guns.
It's all about guns.

Tippets came and brought us some yummy fresh produce.
Grapes, apples, pears, tiny little cherry tomatoes.

We are so blessed.

We read a chapter from Ranger's Apprentice and a chapter from Alice in Wonderland.
Said prayers.
Put the kids to bed.

Luke and I just watched tv for a bit.
Now it's bedtime.

Tomorrow the boys are headed to SLC for Kenton's clinic appointment.
There is a small chance that they'll admit Kenton.
Very small.
But. . .this morning we packed the boys for a full week. . .just in case.
There were tears at bedtime tonight.
The kids sure love each other and being together.
We all really love being at home together.

Prayers for positive results at clinic tomorrow (and for a few more days for us together if that's the best for Kenton) would be appreciated.

Thanks for everything!

That, my friends, is day 73.
A great day indeed.

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Stephany Koujou said...

Loved to read this!
All the best to you guys.
But, what is farkle? I need to google this.