Wednesday, August 1, 2012

[Wednesday, August 1, 2012] Day 48

Today was re-admission day.
Day 48.
1 day shy of 7 weeks that we've been on this crazy road.
I'm not going to lie.
It was a crazy tough morning.
Lots of tears.
These two buddies are going to miss spending every hour of the day together.
It seriously broke my heart to watch them say good-bye.
Grateful that it's only two sleeps until we all get to see each other again.
Although it will be many more sleeps before we get to actually live together again.
We'll be okay.

Kenton and I arrived at PCMC about 9:40.
Checked in.
Came upstairs to ICS.
Room 4402.
Smaller. Hot. No couch (just a fold out chair thingie).

Today marks one day closer to the end of this road.
That's the bright side.
Well, that and the fact that Irish was Kenton's nurse today.
He offered just a bit of advice. . .
Oh!!  AND, there is a "parent bathroom" just outside Kenton's door!!
No more scrambling down the hall doing the pee-pee dance at 2:00 am for me!
YAY! for that!  ;)

Lunch was shrimp and a baked potato with butter and sour cream.
Dr. Paul stopped by.
And Dr. Barnette.
A few Nerf gun wars happened.
Some target practice.

Poor Josh was sabotaged.
So was Irish.
He may or may not have wrestled the guns away from Kenton.

Dr. Paul and Dr. Barnette were both a little surprised by Kenton's behavior.

In a good way.
They clearly saw today who Kenton really is.
The anxiety they were so concerned about from round 1 is not present.

We watched a couple of movies (Top Gun, Milo and Otis).
Kenton built and painted a little wooden car.
Steak and loaded mashed potatoes, raw broccoli with ranch, and Sprite.
Let's hope those anti-nausea meds really work.
Because if they don't.
Ummm, ewwwwwww.

Chemo is done for today.
3 different kinds.
This round is 8 days of chemo (ara-c goes twice daily for the full 8 days, daunorobicin (?) goes once daily on days 1/3/5, and E-something goes once daily for 5 days).
Then recount recovery.
That's the plan for now.
We'll see.

The surgery team came and removed the drain tubes from Kenton's armpit.

He's not feeling so great tonight.
Bit of an upset stomach.
Chemo really is crappy.  I hate that it has to hurt you so much to make you better.

We'll watch the end of Man From Snowy River and then head to bed.
Ha, ha, Kenton is already asleep.
That Ben/Phen mix knocks him out every time.  At least it not only knocks him out, it makes his tummy settle.  He gets that combo every 4 hours.
Hoping for a puke-free night. . .

Nurses just came to give the oral chemo and do vitals, then it's sleeping time for reals.

We're grateful for all of the prayers on our behalf and ask that your prayers continue.
Specifically prayers for treatment with minimal side effects.

I know I say this all the time, but really, THANK YOU, for walking this journey with us.
We see families up here all the time that don't have the support that we have.
I don't know how they do it.
We couldn't do it without all of you walking beside us, holding us up when we're too weak to go on alone, praying for us, fasting for Kenton, and serving us so willingly.

What we know is that we are very blessed.
And we are so grateful.
Thank you hardly seems adequate. . .

And that, my friends, is day 48.


Rhonda Miller said...

I'll be praying he will have a puke-free night. It's good to see he could have some unwind time with the Drs and Nurses. I just love the staff there and recognize many of the names here from our journey with our little girl. I'll continue praying for all of you.

Mama Bair said...

Steve and I work in the Temple and put Kenton and Family on it every week. Good luck and our prayers are with you all.

The White Silk Purse (Dana) said...

I'm so glad Kenton's team of medical experts are getting to see the REAL Kenton. I know they loved him before, but it will be good for them to know his winning personality. -- We love you all. Good luck with this round of get-well medicine. Out thoughts and prayers are with you constantly.

Trina Christensen said...

I am so Glad to see the update. I was just wondering about you guys and click! There are all the answers to my questions :) Our Prayers are with you!X!
I hope the nurses are keeping an eye open for a better chair for you. You need some good sleep too, Take care Love you!