Thursday, August 9, 2012

[Thursday, August 9, 2012] Day 56

8 weeks.
It's been 8 weeks.
5 full weeks spent here at PCMC.
3 full weeks at home.
School starts 2 weeks from today.
This is how our summer has been measured this year.

So grateful that he remains fever free and feeling great!
Round 2 has been so much kinder to Kenton than round 1.
His counts came back this morning.
ANC 800.
That's better than he had the whole time we were home!

Still some white cells.
Still other cells.
The nurse practitioner and Dr. Bruggers agreed that his counts look great and that he looks great!  He's free to go on walks (with his mask on if we're in the hospital or around people of course!) as long as we go outside the hospital and stay away from crowded areas.

Today we enjoyed sketching in the courtyard, walking Krista to the front doors, and eating ice cream in the courtyard.  It's nice to be outside.

Kenton also really enjoyed visiting with Elliot and his owner today(his owner gave Kenton the mask cover and button that say "Cancer Fears ME!"). They shot NERF guns.

Kenton built a wooden helicopter and played with his cars.
He drew for a bit.
Watched a few movies.
We quite enjoyed watching Father Goose that Judy brought the other day.  :)
Kenton likes the old classics.
So do I.

Kristin our social worker came by to visit for a bit and shot NERF guns also.

Kenton and I played numerous rounds of Space Walk Finger Twister and POW - 2 math games that I created for my littles at school.  He was loving them - POW was his favorite! I need to make a multiplication version of that one so that he can practice the facts he should be instead of the basic addition ones that are for my school littles.

We skyped with Goosey and Grammy and Daddy.

We saw Tristyn the Great with her fabulous new haircut!

We read a couple of chapters from book 1 in the Ranger's Apprentice series out in the courtyard.
Good book!  We read a couple more when we came in before bed.

Kenton finished the IV chemo for round 2 this morning.
He hasn't had any anti-nausea meds since 3:00 AM.
He did great until he took his oral chemo at 10:15.
Not sure what the deal was there, but he threw up.
A lot.
He said he thinks it's because he drank the required 4 oz. of water much too fast.
I hope that's it.
He didn't want any meds.
Just went to sleep.
Nothing hooked to him tonight.
First night since we came back a week and a day ago that he's been able to sleep freely.

Day 56 was a very uneventful day.
We're hoping for many many more days like today.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support.
I know you're praying for not only Kenton, but our whole family.
I feel your strength daily.
Those days when I just can't take one more step or deal with one more thing, I feel those prayers and know that I really CAN go on.

We're excited for the carnival tomorrow night.
Kenton is sad to miss it.
Thank you for supporting us that way!

I'm heading to bed.
Bubs is snoring softly in his bed, all curled up in a ball without worrying if he'll kink a line and set off the downstream occlusion alarm.
Vitals and eyedrops at 4 and 8.
Good solid sleep between now and then.

And that, my friends, is Day 56.
A very good day indeed.

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