Thursday, August 16, 2012

[Thursday, August 16, 2012] day 63

9 weeks.
Started out good.
Counts looking pretty typical.

McKayslin and I headed to town.
I dropped her off at gymnastics and ran a few errands.

Kenton felt well enough to work with his Sculpey Clay from Uncle Don's family.
Although now, in hindsight, looking at his eyes, I can see that he really doesn't feel so great.
Look what he made!
A cute little bubblegum pink BUG for his Goosey-girl!
So sweet!

And then. . .well, they transfused a unit of platelets.

McKayslin and I ran a few more errands.
I dropped her off with Miss Kris so she could help put Miss Kris' classroom together and I went over to school.  I worked on lots of stuff.
Sammy and Savannah came to help.
Lots done.
Except I found a whole lot of mouse crap on my counter.
And cleaned it all.
But. . .I found the hole where that dirty rotten scoundrel had been coming in.
E-mailed Blake.
Hopefully he'll get a trap set.
That was kind of not a fun task.

And Kenton's fever started.
And it went up from there.

And he had a headache.
So they started vancomycin.
Which, just like last time, gave him "red man's."
So they gave him more benedryl.
And more antibiotics.

Kenton's fever was up.
And the tylenol kicked in so the fever started to go down.

Cute Maggie and Jordan posted these pics from their honeymoon of all places! ;)

Seriously so fun!

I went to pick McKayslin up from Miss Kris' house.
We sat on the front porch and just talked.
Normal conversation.
You have no idea how much you crave normal conversation. . .

McKayslin and I came home to do dishes, make cookies for the boys, make and eat dinner, and get packed for SLC this weekend.
Except Kris came over.
And did all of the dishes for me.
She didn't even ask if she could.
Just walked right in, grabbed the dishcloth, and started washing.
That's a good friend right there.
As embarrassed as I was, I'm even more grateful.
Dishes are my least favorite chore.  :)
Thanks, Kris!!!

I packed.
And worked on making cookies.
Kenton's fever was back up again.
40.9 which translates to almost 106*F!  :(
He didn't eat soon enough and was extra worried about his high fever and all of the stuff they were pumping in him combined with all of the monitors that were attached and threw up.

When Goosey and I were able to Skype with the boys around 6:40, Kenton was finally starting to calm down a little.
His blood pressure went back to normal.
He stopped crying.
They were able to unhook the leads on the heart monitor.
He was eating some dinner.
His fever was coming down.

I haven't heard yet what is going on now.
It's so hard to be so far away.
McKayslin is just so sad and so scared.
My heart hurts.
If only we could all just be together.

Tomorrow we'll all be together.
The Goose and I are leaving in the morning.
The boys surprised us (with a little help from MG) with a morning at Leilani.
I get new hair and glitter toes.
Little Miss gets glitter toes and a manicure.
We told Kenton we'd come tonight, but he told us no.
He's still my super tender wonderful boy.
Breaks my heart that he is going through this crap right now.  :(

Yes, tomorrow we'll all be together.
And taking chocolate chip cookies as requested.
Missed having to growl at Kenton to stay out of the cookie dough tonight!

We're hoping that Kenton will feel up to family date night tomorrow night.
McKayslin wants to order pizza and rent a movie and have family date night just like we used to on Friday nights.

Prayers for a calm and peaceful night for all of us would be appreciated.
Prayers for safe travels.
And mostly, please pray that whatever it is that is going on with Kenton will be resolved quickly.  This is just not cool.

Happy 9 week anniversary. . .
And that my friends is day 63.  Almost to the hour.
Go figure.

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