Sunday, July 15, 2012

[July 15, 2012] Sunday. Day 31

After a quick discussion with Bishop McDonald last night, in regards to the fact that the entire scout troop, their leaders and fathers, had been exposed to a nasty flu bug, Kenton's ordination to the office of a deacon was moved from after sacrament meeting in the Bishop's office to before church on the stage.  We tried to get the word out, but know there are several friends that were missed.  Our hearts are saddened by this so much.  Please know that any oversight was exactly that - an oversight.  We were not trying to exclude anyone.  Please accept our apologies.

We woke earlier this morning than any morning since we've been home, and proceeded to eat and dress for 'church.'  Kenton worked himself into a bit of a sick stomach being so worried about breaking the rules and being ordained before being presented and 'I haven't been to church in so long is it really okay to proceed?'.  Thankful for that zofran prescription even more now.  ;)

We arrived shortly before 9:30 to find friends and family already gathering on the stage.
Kenton was masked and seated as the others arrived.
At 9:33, we closed the doors and proceeded with the ordination.

Luke offered a beautiful blessing in addition to the ordination.
The Spirit was so strong.  Many tears were shed.
Another witness that Kenton is a strong fighter and an example to those around him.

We are so grateful to those that were able to share the morning with us.
(Just for my memory: Grammy, Grandma and Unk, Grandpa, Kenny and Quin, Maughans, Benji, Brad and Joanne, President Acevedo and family, Coach and kids, Mangums, Christiansens, Bishop McDonald and Brother Arnell. . .I feel like I'm forgetting someone!!).

We truly missed those that were unable to attend either because of illness (seems the stomach bug decided to take up residence in my extended family also!), or short notice (or lack of notice as we've discovered later in the week!!).
Our deepest apologies go especially to Bob and Judy.  We would have loved to share this day with you.  Kenton missed you deeply. 

Directly following the ordination, Brother Arnell set Kenton apart as the secretary in the Deacon's Quorum.  Kenton was promised that even with scheduled hospital stays and "quarantine" time, he'll be able to fulfill this calling.  More tears were shed.  What a blessing to have priesthood leaders that are willing to allow and encourage Kenton to be involved with his new quorum.  The Hyrum 8th ward is an amazing place to be.

Following Bishop's directions, we quickly exited the stake center to return home.

We packed Grammy's car, sent her on her way home, and got everyone settled for a restful afternoon.

Brother King called to ask if we'd like the sacrament brought to our home.
Specifically he asked if Kenton would like to pass the sacrament to our family.

We played the game "Mormon Mouthful" for a while.

Aunt Joy stopped for a quick visit.

C.J. and Mitch arrived with the sacrament and were so incredibly reverent and respectful as they prepared and blessed it, with careful instruction to Kenton how he should pass the sacrament to our family.  More tears.  The Spirit was so strong again.  These two wonderful young men brought such a strength and testimony into our home.  We really appreciated their willingness to take time out of their own afternoon to serve our family in such a tender and personal way.  What a great experience for us all!

We ended the evening watching "Despicable Me" (probably our all time favorite family movie!).  It was a beautiful Sunday.

So grateful for the gospel and loving priesthood leaders, family, and friends.
And that, my friends, is day 31.


The White Silk Purse (Dana) said...

I'm so glad you chose to share such a special day! And I'm glad you were able to have Kenton pass the Sacrament at home. It's always a delight for a mom to enjoy that particular milestone.

Darla said...

Ok-I'm bawling now! What a wonderful experience for all involved. As a mother who has had a sick child unable to attend Sacrament meeting for a long time, I appreciate the blessing of having the sacrament brought to your home. And what an honor to have Kenton be able to pass the Sacrament to his family for his first time! Much love and continued prayers.

Mrs. Rice said...

What a tender young man you have (which is one of the things I've always appreciated about Kenton) that he is sensitive enough to worry if he was breaking any rules because he hadn't been to church in so long (as if he had a choice!). It really shows that contrary to his worries, his heart was exactly in the right place for such a special event! It brought tears to my eyes! What a special day for you all!
(I also have to say that Zofran is a wonderful thing! It has gotten me through a few times of symptoms before and the after effects of surgery. I am SO glad he has that to help him through!!!!!)

Charity said...

I can't wait until he can return to church and pass the sacrament to my family. What an amazing young mean you are Kenton, love the RC Bates family