Monday, July 9, 2012

[Kenton's Cards] Set 1

Kenton really wants to do something to help out some of the other families here in ICS.
He is so grateful for the help and support that we are receiving and realizes that not everyone here gets that same kind of support.  Kenton's a tender soul.  He wants to help however he can.  But there's not a whole lot he can do being stuck here at PCMC day after day.

Any of you that know Kenton personally know that he LOVES to draw.
Horses are his specialty.

Today he designed this card set. . .

Starting bid is $1.
Bidding will go through tomorrow (Tuesday) evening.
Highest bidder gets this set.

He'll have another set available soon - at least one set each week that Kenton is here in ICS.

You'll get all 4 cards and envelopes.
If you're local, we'll deliver you to them.
If you're not, we'll mail them to you.

Highest bidder gets this set.
Bidding starts at $1.

You can either pay with cash or check or I can send you a paypal invoice and you can pay that way.  All money collected will go to help another family here on the ICS floor.

Even $5 will buy one meal for a parent staying here with their child.

We'll take the money collected from this set, buy a Rainbow Cafe (the PCMC hospital cafeteria) gift card, slide it into an envelope and have it delivered to one of the families here in ICS anonymously.  There have been 3 new patients arrive today.

Speaking from experience, I know that their lives have been turned upside down.  They are exhausted.  Terrified.  Worried about the whole financial aspect of the diagnosis and treatment.  Sick knowing that your baby has just been diagnosed with a life threatening disease.  One simple kindness such as a meal that you don't have to pay for can lighten the load just enough so you can actually take another step.

Thank you for helping Kenton help make someone's day a little brighter and load a little lighter.

Please check the comments and make sure that your bid is higher than the previous comment.  :)

In your bid, please leave your preferred method of payment (if it's paypal invoice, please leave an e-mail address also).
Thank you!!!


Jenni Sargent said...

Awww I don't have any extra money right now but I just wanted to tell Kenton that he is an amazingly strong spirit and the world is such a better place to have him in it!! Good luck! -Jenni Sargent

Deb said...

Thanks, Jenni! He is a GREAT kid! :)

I have a facebook bid at $5 from Hope Hansen. Thanks, Hope!

Charity said...

i will start of with $10, i can do PayPal if thats easiest so you can do it quickly. i think this is a great thing he wants to do. i just love your kids, they are so loving because they have amazing parents who have taught them well by their example! love you all.. .i want some horse cards!

Deb said...

Awww, Charity, you make me smile! Thanks! Whatever's easiest for you will work for us! :)

Hope Hansen said...

Wait what?? already outbid? NO FAIR> lol I'll see your 10.00 and raise it another five. I bid 15.00.

Paradise 2nd Ward said...

How about when I visit PCMC this week, I buy a few gift cards and bring them up to you. I won't outbid anyone, but would love to buy some of his next set. Kenton is such an amazing kid to ALWAYS be thinking of others - especially when he is in the same situation. I am always amazed at your kids Deb, and what great examples they are to me!

Deb said...

We're going to stop bidding on this set based on Facebook updates and bidding on sets 2 and 3 goign already, lol. :)

Hope gets set 1 for $15.

Thanks, friends! You've made Kenton's night!!

Jackie said...

Deb, sorry I haven't commented sooner, but haven't been on here for awhile. Actually I have taken a break from school stuff & then come back after vacation to see this about your son. My thoughts & prayers are with all of you. Glad to hear that he is doing better! Hang in there! Love ya, Jackie

Stephanie said...

Dear Deb & Luke,
I was following a facebook link to see how Kenton was doing and as I read I realized who Kenton is! We had always known him as Bubba during the soccer days. We are so sad yet inspired by Kenton and your family and we want to help in any way possible. We were brainstorming ideas about a "Kenton's Cup" 3v3 soccer tournament. It seems like after all that your family has done for soccer kids in Hyrum, it would be good if soccer could give something back to you! What do you think? Wishing you all the best and sending prayers your way!
Brian and Stephanie Tippets

Waseem said...

This is awesome card set...i think it can be easy to make..I'd like to use it for Gift Card envelopes