Saturday, July 7, 2012

[July 7, 2012] Saturday

Counts were ALL up this morning!

Luke and McKayslin came and we had breakfast together in the room.
Welcome to our new normal.
We're adjusting to doing things differently.
It was nice to be together eating a meal as a family as different as the location and circumstances may be.

The kids had a good time arm wrestling on the bed.
Not sure who won.
Sure was fun seeing them laugh and play together!
McKayslin and I left to head over to Gateway and have a girls' day out.
I needed a break from the hospital.  It's pretty wearing being here day after day.
Kenton needed a break from me also.
He and Luke hung out and did whatever all day.
I really don't know what they did.  lol.
Hopefully they didn't get in too much trouble while we were gone!!!

We had lunch at Costa Vida. . .
Went to Build-A-Bear. . .
(meet Bubbles the Octopus and Duke the Dog). . .
Played in the fountains. . .
And brought back carameled apples for a treat. . .
It was a super fun afternoon, but McKayslin could hardly stand being away from Kenton for that long.  Next time maybe I'll just escape by myself. . .

When we returned, our friend Jason was just leaving.  He'd been here to visit Kenton and Luke.  I was talking to him and didn't get a chance to take any pictures of McKayslin giving Kenton his Duke Dog.  I know he LOVES it though becuase it hasn't left his side since she gave it to him!  :)

I came back to the room and Cal and the kids were here.  It was loud and crazy fun!  McKayslin and Ella played with Bubbles the Octopus while the boys played with whatever they could find.  Boys are weird that way.

While they were here, Sean and Cathy stopped by with a huge stack of movies (classic westerns and old classics) for Kenton to borrow AND the coolest double barrel rubber band shotgun that Steve had made and everyone at the big Uncle Dar and Aunt Jenean reunion had signed.  It's been a HUGE hit!  Even Tech Tommy took a turn target shooting (and later let Kenton shoot him in the back - crazy kid!)!!
Kenton guarding his dinner with his shotgun. . .
We ate dinner in the room together.
Then Luke and McKayslin headed back to Nate and Rachel's and Kenton and I waited for his meds to finish and then went for a walk down to the 3rd floor patio.
We read the last 4 chapters in Stone Fox and then came back to the room for bedtime.
Kenton is feeling really quite good.  It's nice to have him unhooked from his IVs for so many hours during the day so he can play and do something besides lie in bed and watch tv!  We're praying for counts to improve again tomorrow, but know that the name of the game is 1 step forward, 1 step back. . .but we know that faith in the Lord also means faith in His timing.

And that, my friends, is day 23.


Charity said...

As hard as it is, i am really happy you have been able to have found some days to be as normal as they can be. I think about you daily and pray counts become well enough to allow you to come home for several days, at least maybe for his big day on Wednesday. lots of love and prayers! said...

Love it!! Was it Jason McGavin? Haven't seen them for over a year. Glad the boys got to have a 'boys day in'. Kenton needs a target for that gun, right behind the door. He could be a dead-eye before all this over.