Thursday, July 5, 2012

[July 5, 2012] Thursday

Today was a good day.
Counts didn't drop.  They didn't gain, but they didn't drop.
We're praying for steady gains, regardless of how tiny, because steady gains get us home sooner.  However, we're grateful for holding steady instead of dropping.
Platelets were low this morning.
That's no bueno.
But, guess what?!
It's Thursday.
Do you know what that means?!
(aka the BEST breakfast day ever!).
Kenton looks forward to Tuesday/Thursday breakfast every week.
Awww, who are we kidding?  So do I!!
He ate TWO pancakes this morning.
Yay!  Well on his way to getting rid of the nightly TPN and LIPIDS infusions.
Around 11, they transfused one unit of platelets.
Platelet count then came in at 48.
Much better!
Lunch was chicken noodle soup and some bites of brownie.
Pretty good.
The mail came.  A card from Grammy and a book from Mrs. Hall.
Our friends, the Brown family, came to visit around 1:30.
Brought some super delicious Tiger's Blood Pace Bars.
The kids had a popsicle party and played Legos and Guess Who.
So fun!
Thanks, Sherrie, for the restock of the Tiger's Blood bars!
You'll have to come back again for a rematch of Guess Who since T and Kenton are tied at one game each!!

Later in the afternoon, Mrs. Moser came with her kiddos.
So fun to see Kenton and Cam playing around like normal pre-teen boys.
We had a good visit while the kids enjoyed playing with all of Kenton's toys, shooting each other with the syringes, and just hanging out.
They'd not been gone long when Richmans (Greg, Ann, and Shandee) came and brought a wonderful treat.
Kenton ate half.
He probably would have eaten more, but, um, well, the other half kind of disappeared...
It was another fun visit.
3 in one day and Kenton was getting T.I.R.E.D.

Dinner was kind of a bust.
Kenton (with some encouragement) ordered chicken nuggets and fries.
Ummmm, well, bad idea.
Half of a chicken nugget, a few fries, and he was done.
He ordered ramen again instead.
At least that tastes good and doesn't hurt his stomach!

Ramen all gone.
No TPN or Lipids tonight!!!  YAY!
But. . .fluid via IV because he's not drinking enough.
We'll work on that one tomorrow.
I'm sure he'll be thrilled.
Reading until Skype time when I look over and see him sound asleep with a book open in his lap.  Ha, ha, guess who should have had a rest this afternoon when Mom told him to?!

We skyped with Grammy and Goose and Dad.
Got ready for bed.
IV fluids are hooked up and set to run all night.
Fortaz has been given via IV.
Kenton's reading until his 10 pm meds are ready, then it's off to dreamland.
Another really good night's sleep is definitely our wish.
Tomorrow Daddy comes to trade off.
Grammy and Goose and I will spend the weekend together.
I'll come back on Sunday.
We're really REALLY hoping that Kenton's counts trend upward so we can be home for his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY (12 on the 12th of 2012!!!).
If not, we'll be having one heck of a birthday bash here in room 4417. . .
Hard to believe that at this moment 3 weeks ago we were here, checking in to this room with a brand new diagnosis of leukemia, joining a club we didn't want to join.
We've learned so much in the past 21 days.
Things we could have gone our whole lives without knowing.
But. . .on the flip side?
On the flip side, we've experienced miracles and blessings that I wouldn't trade for the world.  We have learned more about our family, our strength, our faith, our ability to fight and learn and pull together than we ever could have had life not hit this speed bump.

We've been blessed with a community that has offered complete and total support financially, emotionally, and prayerfully.  
We've found out that we have the most amazing friends ever.
The flip side is pretty darn amazing.
Down right incredible.
3 weeks of taking everything thrown at us, and somehow responding much like  Weeble-Wobbles. . .popping right back up with a smile ready for the next adventure.  Kenton's been a rock star through this whole thing.  Rarely does he get frustrated or upset or angry.  If he does, it's just a brief moment and then he pulls himself up by the bootstraps and is back to the kid that everyone loves.
We credit his amazing response to treatment in a big part to his incredible attitude.
He's a pretty great kid.
As parents, we look at Kenton and McKayslin and wonder how in the world we got so lucky?  I don't know of two stronger, more valiant, loving kids.  They teach us so much.
Yep, the flip side of this whole crazy ride is the opportunity to step back and reassess - figure out what REALLY is important.  And then do everything in our power to focus on that.  We're lucky that way.  
Thanks to all of YOU, we get the luxury of focusing on getting Kenton better and keeping our family strong without worrying about the day to day things.  Our lawn is mowed (thanks to the Acevedo boys), our garden weeded (thanks to Cia), our flowers and lawn watered (thanks to Ken), our Sparky Dog walked and fed and played with (thanks to Kara and Bryson), our meals prepared and lovingly delivered (thanks to the Hyrum 8th ward and a few other friends), and so many other daily things done for us, that are literally keeping our heads above water as we fight this battle.

To each of you that offer daily prayers on our behalf, who are so generous with your time, your talents, your resources, your organization of countless fundraisers and events to help us get through this - THANK YOU!
I can't even begin to name names because Team Kenton has so many members.
You're incredible.
I wish I could personally thank each of you.
For the rest of our lives, we'll be looking for opportunities to serve others - to repay the many kindnesses shown to us!
THANK YOU for fighting this battle with us - side by side in the trenches.
We know you're right there, prayerfully, faithfully walking with us every step of the way.
We feel your strength, your prayers, your faith.
We couldn't do it without you.
Love you all!
3 weeks.
Countless lessons.
Unmeasurable blessings.
Daily miracles.
Day 21 is a day of gratitude. 

And that, my friends, is day 21.


RoyZGirlz said...

You all are strong. Your stories and perspective and faith change my way of seeing things. Thanks Deb. We continue to pray and fast and think of you always!

Heidi Jenson said...

You have all given so much to so many over the years. The countless kids you have loved and taught Deb. The love and amazing support you and your awesome family were to me during such a hard battle in my life and the lives of my kids. I can't think of more deserving people to receive that kind of love and support back. We all love all of you so very much! Kenton is a COWBOY, and he'll beat this!

Mrs. Anderson said...

Keeping your son, you and your family in my prayers.

The DeSandre Family said...

Love you all tremendously! Thank you for sharing, your family's faith and courage has strengthened us as we continue to pray and fast for Kenton! xoxo